6.5” center speaker

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◎OK-636 directs at KTV, auxiliary equipment, monitor and surround
◎High definition audio, suitable for family cinema
◎Outstanding MF performance, especially suitable for voice
◎LF driver can be overtaken 120W power rating, so it also can be used as back-court
surround speaker, party listening monitor speaker, bar auxiliary speaker

Color: All Black, Milk White

Applications: Private theater, KTV, bar


Mode OK-636
Configuration 2×6.5” LF drivers; 1×3” HF driver
Type Two-way three-unit Center speaker
Frequency response 60Hz-17KHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Power rated 120W
Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
Dimensions 500mm×220mm×260mm


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6.5” center speaker ”

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